• About

    Daniel Cisneros

    Once upon a time there was a boy attached to a Wacom and when he could detach himself he would play classic games such as Supercastlevania IV, Zelda A Link to the Past, GodHand and Metal Gear Saga.

    Juanma Clavería

    Half human and half computer, LOL master and amateur comedian, whose Kryptonite is “kitchen rags”. Currently raising a little creature that doesn’t allow any sleeping but when he can escape he plays League of Legends or masterpiece Chrono Trigger.

    Fernando Rosario

    Programmer, composer and milkshake connoisseur who sold his soul to the “Big N” and it is rumored he sees only in 3D no matter the dimension. When he is not preoccupied with his new mutant power he can be found playing “Big N” franchises in any system.